Soliphant FTM21 - Vibronic Point Level Detection




Soliphant FTM21 is a point level switch for applications with fine-grained or coarse-grained,
non-fluidized bulk solids. The various designs means the device has a wide range of applications.
Certificates are also available for use in dust and hazardous areas.




  • No calibration required, easy commissioning (plug and play)

  • Measurement not affected by build-up or external vibration

  • No mechanically moved parts, free of maintenance

  • Sensor material 316L, abrasion resistant even with building materials

  • Plastic housing with cover with sight glass, switch status visible from outside; 
    also aluminium housing available

  • Not affected by flow noises

  • Available with explosion protection certificates

Field of application


Point level switch for fine grained solids

  • Process connections: Threads

  • Temperature: -40 to +150°C (-40 to +300°F)

  • Pressure: -1 to +25bar (-14.5 to +360psi)

  • Sensor length: 500mm, 1,000mm, 1,500mm

  • Sensor material: 316L

  • International explosion protection certificates


Features and specifications
Point Level / Solids


Measuring Principle Vibration Solids
Characteristic / Application Point level switch for fine grained solids
Single rod
No calibration required
Not affected by build up or external vibration
Switch value visible from outside
Tube extension
Supply / Communication 10 - 45 VDC 
19 - 253 VAC relay 
DC PNP 10 - 45 V
Ambient temperature -40°C ... 70°C
(-40°F ... 160°F)
Process temperature -40°C ... 150°C
(-40°F ... 300°F)
Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit Vacuum ... 25 bar
(Vacuum ... 360 psi)
Min. density of medium 200 g/l
Main wetted parts 316L
Process connection Thread
R 1"
R 1 1/2" 
1 1/4" NPT 
1 1/2" NPT 
Sensor length 500 mm (20")
1000 mm (40")
1500 mm (60")
Communication DPDT relay 
DC PNP max 350 mA
Certificates / Approvals ATEX, FM, CSA, IECEx, NEPSI