Single Beam Scattered Light - Turbimax

Product Name: 
Single Beam Scattered Light Turbidity Analysis
In immersion assembly, pipe installation or in a flow through holder with or without bubble trap, Compact device for bypass-installations
Measurement Range: 
0,00 - 9999FNU0,00 - 9999ppm0,0 - 300g/L0,0 - 200,0%
Measuring Principle: 
Optical turbidity measurement following the 90° scattered light method in the near infrared (880nm), Turbidity measurement using standardised 90° scattered light method acc. to U.S.EPA180.1 (White Light)
Diameter : 40mm 1.56 inchLength : 191mm 7.44 inch
Process Temperature: 
max. 50°C 122°F
Process Pressure: 
max. 13.78 bar / 200 psicontrolled by integral pressure regulator
Temperature Sensor: 
Integrated NTC temperature sensor
Drinking water, industrial water   Online continuous monitoring of clean water :
- Drinking water
- Treated process water
optical sensor for turbidity measurement according DIN ISO 7027.Precalibrated in a flow through holder with or without bubble trap.  
-Versions with infrared light source
-Fast and easy calibration
-Complete primary calibration in less than 5 minutes
-Verification in seconds
-Reduced calibration costs and quick response times thanks to low volume sample chamber
-Automatic continuous ultrasonic cleaning (Autoclean)increases cleaning intervals dramatically
-Simple modular design
-Easy to use and service
-Affordable thanks to modular microprocessor based technology
-Digital high-speed connections through RS-485 with Modbus
Optional Features:
-Flow chamber for bubble suppression
-Reusable calibration kit