Service Unit - PV 788 B

Design Features: 
End position indication via LEDs, Digital display for measured values, AUMA plug/ socket connector as control and power connection, Mains plug (CE 3 + N + PE, 32 A), EMERGENCY STOP switch
Power supply of the actuator to be tested Testing of the basic functions of the actuator (OPEN-STOP-CLOSE) Menu-controlled measurement of all electric data such as: Electronic position transmitter RWG Inductive position transmitter system IWG Potentiometer Tandem potentiometer Adjusting plate for remote position indicator Motor current Measured data logging
25-pole Sub-D connector for further processing of the measured data (computer, printer, ...)
Supply voltage selection via selector switch Perspex protection cover of the front plate Remote control Special adapter for actuators with actuator controls AUMA MATIC Special adapter for actuators without AUMA plug/ socket connector or non-AUMA products