Various devices installed? Easy commissioning thanks to HMI

With our standardized Human Machine Interface (HMI) this task is fast and easy done


Endress+Hauser has developed a operating philosophy that offers task-oriented interactions. Whatever the measuring technology, the device has the same "look and feel". All our devices are aligned to this philosophy. The same philosophy is applied to operating tools and the interaction with the devices, whether locally or via operating tools works in the same way.


Simplicity + safety + reliability

Language selection and setting for display and operation tasks make up the "Display/Operation" menu which can be accessed by everybody who needs to read data. The devices offer a task-oriented view of parameters e.g. "Diagnostics" menu for maintenance staff. Whatever task may be, you will be sure to cover all aspects of it and will not affect the settings outside your field of action. User-specific menus and integrated help increase safety during operation.


Clear diagnostic and maintenance information

The embedded software includes reliable diagnosis of the device and the process with icons and texts according to Namur NE 107: detection of an empty sensor, a non-homogeneous fluid, an abrasion, corrosion or buildup etc. The device displays the remedy; clear text messages allow you quick and safe service actions.


Optimum data availability

The history is stored in the event logbook on an HistoROM; with factual data, the diagnosis can be independent of operator’s statements like “I’ve changed nothing…”. Thanks to the HistoROM concept, you can automatically transfer the data after a module exchange. And the data trending saves time in case of the need for process optimization.

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