Mobile Test Bench - PV 1236

Design Features: 
End position indication via LEDs Digital display for measured values AUMA plug/ socket connector as control and power connection Mains plug (CE 3 + N + PE, 32 A) EMERGENCY STOP switch Braking system with a disc brake with two independent calipers Incremental encoder Output drive types according to ISO or DIN standard
Testing of the basic functions of the actuator (OPEN-STOP-CLOSE) Calibration of the torque switching Measurement of the actuator stall torque Setting of the limit switches Measurement of the output speed Measurement of the swing angle Monitoring or indication of the switch functions
25-pole Sub-D connector for further processing of the measured data (computer, printer, ...)
Extension of the measurable torque range to 1,000Nm

Measuring bench with:Braking system, Rotary encoder, Mounting flange
Measuring unit module: for the evaluation of the sensors of the measuring bench and therefore for the measurement of the mechanical values.