Liquiphant FTL260 - Vibronic Point Level Detection







The Liquiphant FTL260 is a compact point level switch for liquid level
detection in storage tanks, tanks with agitators and piping.





  • Operational safety, reliability and universal applicability through use of the tuning fork measuring principle

  • Measurement is unaffected by conductivity, build-up, turbulence, flows or air bubbles

  • Simple and fast commissioning. No calibration required

  • No mechanically moved parts, free of maintenance

  • Safe function due to self-monitoring (active frequency monitoring of the fork)

  • Easy recurring function test via test magnet

  • Suitable for constricted space due to compact design




Field of application

Point level switch in compact design with stainless steel housing.

  • Process connections: Threads

  • Temperature: -40 to +150°C (-40 to +302°F)

  • Pressure: -1 to +40bar (-14.5 to +580psi)

  • International explosion protection certificates, overfill prevention WHG, marine approvals



Features and specifications
Point Level / Liquids


Measuring Principle Vibration Liquids
Characteristic / Application compact device
media independent
Switch point 118mm
Supply / Communication 19 ... 253V AC
10 ... 55V DC-PNP
Ambient temperature -40 °C ... 70 °C
(-40 °F ... 158 °F)
Process temperature -40 °C ... 150 °C
(-40 °F ... 302 °F)
Process pressure absolute / max. overpressure limit Vacuum ... 40 bar
(Vacuum ... 580 psi)
Min. density of medium 0,7g/cm3
Main wetted parts 316Ti
Process connection G1A, NPT1", R1"
Sensor length 130mm (5.12")
Output AC, 2-wire
DC-PNP, 3-wire
Certificates / Approvals WHG/ Overfill prevention
GL marine
Successor Product phase out planned,
Successor FTL31