Liquiline CM442 - 1-/2-Channel Liquid Analysis Transmitter




Liquiline CM442 is a digital multiparameter transmitter for process monitoring
and controlling in any application. The 1-/2-channel controller saves you time
and money by offering seamless system integration, simple operation and a reduced
need for spare part stock. Liquiline 
CM442 provides you with all the benefits of a
best-in-class transmitter platform from clever simplicity to maximum process safety




  • Clever simplicity: One controller for all parameters and applications, intuitive user interface, automatic sensor recognition, hot plug & play with pre-calibrated Memosens sensors.

  • High flexibility: Universal modules for all parameters minimize spare part stock and allow for easy extension to up to 8 channels at any time.

  • Seamless system integration: Unique portfolio of communication standards suits every distributed control system (DCS).

  • Simple and safe commissioning: Convenient setup multiplication to other devices with SD-Card saves time and minimizes effort.

  • Process control and safety: Integrated web server that allows the operator to remotely view diagnostic data, perform configurations, or access device parameters in any web browser - even via Smartphone.


Field of application

The Liquiline CM442 multiparameter transmitter is suitable for all applications in non-hazardous areas, for example in these industries and their utilities:

  • Food & Beverages

  • Life Sciences

  • Power & Energy

  • Water & Wastewater

  • Chemicals

Liquiline CM442 features all common communication protocols and interfaces, such as:

  • 0/4...20 mA

  • HART


  • Modbus TCP / Modbus RS485

  • EtherNet/IP

  • Webserver


Features and specifications

Measuring Principle UV photometric
Characteristic Robust plastic housing
All non-ex applications
Design 2x Memosens input
2...4x current output
2x relay
SD card for software update and copy & paste of setup
Process temperature -20...60°C / 0...140°F
Application Modular 4 wire controller 
Multichannel:1-2 digital channels for Memosens protocol
Multiparameter: pH, redox, ISFET, conductivity inductive and
conductive, dissolved oxygen, nitrate and turbidity
Two sensors connectable in any combination
Functionality modular extendable at any time
Plug and play for modules and sensors
Output 2...4x 0/4...20 mA current outputs
2x relay
Input 1...2x Memosens digital input