ISFET sensor - Tophit

Product Name: 
ISFET sensor PH Analysis
Measurement Range: 
pH 0-14
Measuring Principle: 
Ceramic diaphragm, double chamber reference, double gel; liquid lead
Diameter: 12 mm (0.47 inch) Shaft lengths: 120, 225, 360, 425 mm (4.72/8.86/14.2/16.7 inch)
Process Temperature: 
-15°C ... 135°C (5°F - 275°F)
Process Pressure: 
max. 10 bar/100°C (145 psi/212°F)
Temperature Sensor: 
Optional with integrated Pt1000

Explosion Proof(EX) Approvals

- Special applications with high requirements with regard to accuracy and speed.- non-glass, break-proof- Low temperatures- Rapidly changing composition of media.- highly clogging media.- Low conductivities >500µS/cm - emulsions, suspensions, organic solvents.  
-Hygienic and sterile applications - non-glass, break-proof - low temperatures - pharmaceuticals, biotechnology - contaminating media    
-Ion sensitive field effect transistor (Isfet)-Technology.- Overhead installation- rapid response at low temperature.- lower amount of maintenance required than with glass.- 3A  
- gel-compact electrode - SIP and autoclavable - rapid response at low temperature - lower amount of maintenance required than with glass - biocompatible gel inside (acryle- and polyacrylamide free)- stabilised gel insensitive to contamination- overhead installation