Inductive - Smartec

Product Name: 
Inductive Conductivity Analysis
Measurement Range: 
100 µS/cm - 2000 mS/cm cellconstant k : 6.31/cm
Measuring Principle: 
Inductive measuring system including transmitter and sensor.
Process Temperature: 
max. 140°C (max. 30 min.) 284°F (max. 30 min.)
Process Pressure: 
max. 12 bar (90°C) (174 psi(194°F))
Temperature Sensor: 
Pt100, Pt 1000 (class A)with a temperature response time T90 < 27s.

Explosion Proof(EX) Approvals

Food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and biotechnology. 
Alkali/acid concentration control - phase separation in pipe systems - monitoring and control of bottle cleaning systems 
product monitoring in breweries, dairies and the beverage industry - CIP system control  
Compact measuring system for an inductive conductivity measurement special made for media with a high conductivity.  
Specifically intended for use in hygienic applications and especially suitable for following applications:
Phase separation, control of CIP, concentration control, product monitoring, leakage monitoring.