Conductive - Condumax

Product Name: 
Conductive Conductivity Analysis
Measurement Range: 
k=0,01: 0..20 µS/cm, k=0,1: 0,04..500µS/cm, k=1: 10,0 µS/cm - 20,0 mS/cm, k=10: 0,1..200 mS/cm
Measuring Principle: 
Conductive conductivity cell with polished stainless steel electrodes, Conductive conductivity cell with graphite electrodes for applications in the middle range, Coaxially arranged electrodes for high temperature applications
Process Temperature: 
max. 250°C, (max. 482°F)
Process Pressure: 
max. 40 bar (100°C) (580 psi (212°F)
Temperature Sensor: 
NTC, Integrated Pt100 or Pt1000 , Optional with integrated Pt100 or PTC temperature sensor.

Explosion Proof(EX) Approvals

pharmaceuticals, pure and ultrapure water, water, waste water, process, media separation, industrial water, power plant, condensate, boiler feed water, concentrate. 
2-electrode conductivity cell for pure and ultrapure water  
Hygienic 2-electrode conductivity sensor
2-electrode system for application in the middle application range.
2-electrode conductivity cell for high temperature applications in pure and ultrapure water.    
2-electrode system for controlling of industrial water or concentrates.