Ceraphant PTC31 - Absolute and gauge pressure

The Ceraphant PTC31 is a price-attractive pressure switch with ceramic,
vacuum tight measuring cell for safe measurement and monitoring of
absolute and gauge pressure.


  • Integrated switching electronics for decentral and economic process monitoring and control

  • Function check and information on site thanks to LEDs and digital display

  • Dry capacitance ceramic sensor (Ceraphire)

  • Overload-resistant high purity ceramic sensor (99.9% Al2O3)

  • Best fit for vacuum applications and applications with abrasive media


Field of application

Pressure switch with ceramic sensor diaphragm for monitoring absolute and gauge pressures in gases, vapors, liquids and dusts.

  • Process connections: Threads

  • Process temperature: -40 to +100°C (-40 to +212°F)

  • Pressure: -1/0 up to +40bar (-15/0 up to +600psi)

  • Accuracy: ±0.5%


Features and specifications

Measuring Principle Pressure switch
Characteristic Intelligent pressure switch with ceramic, vacuum tight measuring cell, longterm stable and overload resistant
Supply voltage 12...30VDC
Reference Accuracy 0,5%
Long term stability 0,15% of URL/year
Process temperature -40°C...100°C
Ambient temperature -40°C...85°C
Measuring cell 100mbar...40bar
Max. overpressure limit 60bar (900psi)
Process connection Threads
Output 1x PNP switch 
2x PNP switch 
1x PNP switch + 4...20mA analogue 
Certificates / Approvals CULUS
Options Calibration protocol
Specialities Digital display
Robust SS-housing with Ra < 0,8 micron
Hint Please check also temperature switch Thermophant T with the identical look and feel of the housing, electronics and software.